Driveway Cleaning Melbourne and Concrete Paver Cleaning

Driveway cleaning Melbourne by professional tradesmen using high pressure water. We use modern efficient machines so we try to reduce our water usage as much as we can. Driveways made from concrete, and concrete and brick pavers are a speciality of ours. Deep ingrained dirt, grease and moss covered driveways can be brought back to a near new look. We can also apply a treatment to limit the re growth of mould, algae and moss.
driveway cleaning Melbourne
Get a great new look for your home as a driveway clean visually makes a great impression on visitors, and if you are selling, can boost the chance of making a favourable first impression, setting up the buyer with a positive view of your home.

After high pressure cleaning you’ll find that your driveway is not so slippery either, making things far safer around your home for you and your visitors.

If you’ve got overhanging trees above your driveway its very likely that the driveway shady areas will attract mosses and lichens. This biofilm will absorb water, make your driveway slippery and more moss will grow even faster. These plant colonies will eventually damage your driveway so its best to get rid of them.

We offer driveway cleaning services for commercial clients also. More often than not the driveways, access roads and paving around your commercial property has oil stains, grease and other liquids soaking into them. Industrial de greasers applied will break down these petroleum based products so we let a degreaser sit on the area in question so that the greases are broken down - then we do the pressure clean on the driveway.

For large areas we use a rotary head on our machines and the benefit of this is that it cleans very evenly with no streaking or striping effect. The shroud on the driveway cleaning head also retains the spray and dirt over a small area so less mess, just a great looking clean driveway. Our ranges of finished and sealers will finish off a great looking job extending the life of your driveway.



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When you get your driveway cleaned by us we’ll apply the anti mould and moss treatment for free!
With high levels of public liability insurance and qualified for working at heights and roof work, you can be assured of a safe approach to all the work around your home with high pressure water.