Roof cleaning Melbourne for Terracotta tiles - Specialist cleaning service for terracotta roofs

Terracotta roof tiles are very brittle. The less we walk on terracotta roof tiles the better. Even the smallest crack can make a leak happen.

Low pressure roof cleaning by us entails NO walking on your roof.

If your roof needs a clean but your nervous about the process of high pressure cleaning - then you are right to be nervous.

  1. High pressure cleaning your terracotta roof is like 5 years of wear and tear, on the surface of the roof tile.
  2. High pressure cleaning can cause leaks, not always but it can because in order to do pressure cleaning roof walking is essential.

We carry out roof cleaning using long water fed carbon fibre poles from the gutter line or ground level, with NO walking on your precious terracotta roof.

We don't stop at your house - if you need your paths, driveway and fences or walls cleaned we can help too!

If you've got a real bad infestation of mould and algae we can first clean it off then we apply a ecological friendly product that's safe for your plants and pets (and you!) to slow the regrowth, especially if you have trees and bushes close to your property.


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What chemical do we use for low pressure wahing

Low pressure roof cleaning is not for everyone especially if you have a need to get the clean effect immediately, for that you'll have to take your chances with high pressure cleaning.
We mix a biodegradable antiseptic cleaner with water and spray this up on to your roof, flooding all the joints or overlaps between the roof tiles. This means that any lichen or moss spores growing in between the overlaps are killed off. Low pressure means we don't flood your roof space. The chemical is approved by the EPA as it breaks down on contact with organic matter, and has no environmental footprint which means that it does not accumulate in the environment.
There are no bleaches or acids in our product and it is pH neutral

Roof clean soft wash residual effect

Thats the great thing about our soft wash process, our product carries on working for up to 3 years keeping moss and lichen re growth at bay so your roof stays looking great for longer. It also works on concrete roof tiles as well. All that's required when you see any sign of re growth of algae or moss is a short maintenance spray.
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