Path cleaning Melbourne and paver moss removal

path cleaning Melbourne
Path Moss and Lichen Cleaning Services Melbourne

Why stop at the roof moss removal?

We can remove moss from paths and timber decking.
Paths can get really dangerous if they are in a shady area and have a build up of algae, moss and slime.
Timber decking requires extra care because if the spray pressure is too high then the surface of the wood can be damage and the fibres of the wood get ripped up so the area would need to dry and be sanded down. Our dirt buster spray heads are great for wood as they have a turbo circular spray pattern thats not too intense in one area so the risk of timber surface damage is minimised.
In addition a treatment of an alga and moss killer will ensure that the algae spore trapped in the wood are killed off. No good cleaning then finding that the moss grows back even faster.

Ask us for a timber deck renovation price!

After we've finished cleaning your old mouldy decking will look like new!

Any paths made from Sandstones can have a build up of black mould and algae. Pressure cleaning a path made from sandstone or other porous stones won't necessarily be easily cleaned by just pressure cleaning. The algae being microscopic lives in the pores of the stone and can't be removed with out damaging the surface if your cleaning company uses very high pressure.

What we do is apply a bactericide that will break down and kill the biofilm that could include lichen and moss also. In some cases this can take some time. So we apply the product and leave it to activate for about 1 week.

Don't worry, we don't use any nasty chemicals as our product will break down in the environment and is harmless to people, the plants in your garden and also your pets.

After the product has killed off the biofilm we'll call back to do the pressure clean.


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